Friday, November 9, 2012

Keller Police Department - Reducing cost & increasing efficiency.

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Keller Police Department - Reducing cost & increasing efficiency.

A Smart city official making smart decisions at the City of Keller, Texas. A 24/7 payment kiosk has been installed at the Keller City Jail that accepts cash & credit card payments for the release of inmates that are in custody.

City of Keller, TX. Inmate Release Kiosk.
City of Keller, TX. Inmate Release Kiosk.

PRLog (Press Release) - Nov 06, 2012 - The City of Keller Jail has significantly reduced its operating cost and increased the efficiency of its staff by adopting technology that will allow a relative or a friend of an inmate to lookup the amount of fines owed and  pay the fines for their release at the 24/7 payment kiosk. The easy to use payment kiosk accepts cash and credit card payments. As soon as the fine is paid at the kiosk, the dispatch department in the jail is notified automatically and the inmate is processed for release.

The kiosk idea was championed by Lt. Michael Wilson. The kiosk processes about 70 transactions or accepts about $30,000 in payments, bi-weekly.

The kiosk has been developed and is being maintained by AdComp Systems, a Dallas area company located in Lewisville, TX.

Following Keller's lead, several other cities are now interested in pursuing the same concept to reduce cost and increase the efficiency of its city jail operations.
The City of Keller is also going to add another button to allow for Court payments at the same kiosk.

This is another example of smart city officials adopting technology to reduce the cities spending and increase the efficiency of its operations. It is a win-win-win situation for the city, the tax-payers and extremely convenient for  the friends and family of the inmates.

AdComp Systems specializes in self service payment kiosks for telecom, bill payment, money transfer, court payments, utility payments etc.
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