Saturday, May 5, 2012

Medical Kiosk | Hospital Kiosk | Health care Kiosk

 Get an edge over the competition
            …….Increase customer loyalty.
   Kiosks are installed in waiting   areas of doctor’s offices.
  Kiosks can be jointly or    exclusively sponsored by the  pharmacy chain, or a health plan insurance company.

Drug companies may also advertise on the ad screen of the kiosk. –Additional revenue for the kiosk sponsors.
While patient waits in lobby, they might want to sign up for a health insurance policy on the kiosk.
Kiosks are installed with scanners.
Kiosks are securely connected via the internet to the sponsoring pharmacies and the health insurance company. –HIPAA compliant.
Before leaving the doctor’s office, patient can conveniently scan their prescription and insurance card into the kiosk for secure transmission to the sponsoring pharmacy of their choice.
The pharmacy instantly receives the scanned prescription and insurance card for immediate processing.
Patient saves valuable time and can get their prescriptions filled faster. –reduces wait time tremendously.

Benefits to Pharmacy or Health Insurance company.
1. Increased business.
2. Edge over competition –Pharmacy locks the customer     before they leave the doctor’s office.
3. Insurance company can get patients to sign up for     low     cost health plans instantly.
4. Targeted audience in doctor’s office. –Valuable     patient     eyeballs during waiting time.
5. Promotes their brand name and customer loyalty.
6. Results in inreasedsales.
Benefits to Patient
1. Saves valuable time and gets their prescription filled     much faster than personally taking it to the pharmacy.     –Convenience.
2. Patient can view locations of several pharmacies and     decide which is closest or enrouteto their next     destination.
3. Ability to sign up for a health plan and reduce medical     bills.
What are we looking for ?
Pilot project –to establish proof of concept
We believe that by deploying about 10 or more MyMAKsin doctor’s offices, a pharmacy can increase their sales considerably.
The kiosk helps the patient get their medications filled faster. The pharmacy gains customer loyalty, an interactive billboard in the doctor’s waiting area, brand recognition, increased sales and a unique competitive advantage over their competition.
Also, the first adopter of this technology gains from valuable press and television coverage.
AdComp-TELeasywill create the kiosks and develop the software.-10 or more doctor’s offices in the proximity of the pharmacy where the MyMAKsare located.
AdComp-TELeasy will create the kiosks and develop the software.

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